Can I show up at the campgrounds without a reservation? (Walk-up Policy)

Walk-ins are permitted for the current night if sites are available.

Walk-in/phone-in reservations for future dates aren't permissible at the campground itself. These inquiries must go through, or guests may call the toll free line at 877-444-6777 (10 am - midnight). The International Reservation line is 606-515-6777 (10 am - midnight).

What are the fishing rules and season dates?

  • First Saturday in April to last day in February. 

  • A state fishing license is required to fish in the national forest. State fishing licenses and stamps are available at local stores. 

  • Minimum Size: None

  • Daily Limit: 7 Fish

  • No bait restrictions

  • The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission manages public trout waters and enforces the rules. 

  • Visit for more information.

Can I bring my dog camping?

Yes, you can bring your dog. They must be on a leash at all times and cannot be left unattended in the campsite. This ensures that the dogs do not get loose, lost, or chase local wildlife. There are many dogs at the campgrounds so we do ask that all dogs are on a leash at all times due to different temperament of each dog. Dogs are not allowed in bathrooms. Please clean up after your pet throughout your stay. 

Are the Glamping Sites eligible for The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass holders discount?

No. Pisgah Glamping reservations are not eligible for a discount with America the Beautiful pass or Golden Age passports.